Predance (ages 3-4)
Begin learning to follow directions, take turns, and work with a group. At center floor and across the floor, learn basic coordination skills using ballet, tap, and jazz. Only Ballet slippers required. (pink for ladies, black for gentlemen)
Build the discipline and technique foundation beneficial to all dance forms. Proceed through vocabulary fundamentals such as plies, tendus, and pirouettes, at the barre, center floor, and across the floor. Learn a recital piece with graceful expression of skills learned.
Use your feet to create rhythms and accents. Learn techniques of shuffles, wings, time steps, and much more at the barre, center floor, and across the floor. These will be combined with one from various styles of music from past and present for a foot-tapping routine.
Learn to utilize strength and technique in a faster-paced setting. As you advance, improve on flexibility, turns, jumps, and leaps for an interpretation with style and attitude.
Translate the story or meaning of song lyrics into a technical display of emotion. Utilize the importance of phrasing, stretch, and attack through your entire body. Combines ballet and jazz techniques.
Use your body to create clean shapes and accents by learning abstract movements based on the Lester Horton technique and vocabulary. Join a recital piece designed to interpret a message or theme.
Hip Hop
Let loose by learning to feel beats and rhythms with your body. Get funky to hip hop, rap, and dance music through exaggerated movements and a confidant attitude.
Dance Acro
Learn to tumble in gymnastics. While strengthening your body and building your flexibility you will learn how to contour and tumble.
Advanced ballet students, after completion of pre-pointe technique, learn to apply ballet technique to be beautifully displayed atop pointe shoes. Pointe meets twice a week.
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