My name is Elizabeth (Shultz) Graybeal. Dancing is my life, my true passion. I believe art is the most expressive way a person justifies themselves and I truly think putting everything you have into a dance piece is an amazing way to express this art-form.

I have been dancing since I was 3 and I started out at the Patricia Krus School of Dance. As a dancer for more than 20 years I have received many awards through the years including platinum’s, special judges awards and even a national title. I started my Dance Choreographer career right after my personal dance career ended, I never missed a beat. I knew I wanted to teach at my home studio because I had learned more than just how to dance. I learned the vocabulary, the correct positions and placements. I learned how to properly be trained to be disciplined and strong. I learned confidence and I learned fears can be met and demolished, and I knew I wanted to be that person I had learned all that from.

I started working with children when I was just 14 years old teaching swim lessons. I continued on to teach outdoor activities including kayaking, archery, survival skills and many more. When I began teaching young ones and youth to dance it was so natural. Teaching something I’ve loved my whole life to children I’ve worked with for many years, was simple. I cannot explain my joy and love to instill such an amazing passion to another person.

When I’m not at the studio I am with my family. I have two wonderful sons, one turned five in august (who is excited to be dancing with me!), and the other was just born in January! I have 4 brothers and a younger sister and when we are all together its nothing but a good time full of love and laughs. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband in my life who supports me through everything! We reside here in Garrett with our two dogs and kitty! I am beyond grateful for my mother and father, I am truly grateful to have such amazing people in my life to help me through this all.

I cannot wait to begin this dance season as a new studio in a new location continuing on with the mission of keeping class in dance. Thank you so much for everything.

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